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Wayward pines incest

This time, the regular cast was weaker, with Jason Patric the only name on hand some members of the Season 1 cast made guest appearances of various lengths. With a little help from Yedlin, who allowed Jason to die of his wounds on the operating table. Meanwhile, it became increasingly clear that the Abbies, far from the mindless animals Jason and the other leaders dismissed them as being, were cunning and had what amounted to telepathic superpowers.

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By radishcakeJuly 10, in Wayward Pines [V].

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Pilcher recalls finding his Chosen One. Then, as the Abbies close in, Jason makes a fatal judgment call and Theo and Xander must put aside their differences to stop him before the human race is lost. Ok, so if the Abbies can cauterize a wound, why the hell don't they have language? Or, are we to assume that they are telepathic?

And Pilcher has another hairstyle?

Kol and davina (the originals)

Ahhhh Carie is Jason's mom!!!! I'm completely grossed out, thank God they couldn't have children!!! I couldn't wait until the end of the episode to express my disgust I just can't with this show right now. I'm pretty sure they're telepathic And idk maybe there is something with their vocal chords?

Maybe they can't produce sound in that way? Knowing this show tho it's probably not that complicated lol. Gross choices are made and gross secrets revealed in a VERY gross episode -- that also happens to be the best of the series. View the full article.

Tropes appearing in this series include:

And we see Pilcher and some woman discussing a teenage girl named Abigail at a fancy boarding school -- and Pilcher's hair is receding. What happened to the full head of hair he had when he got out of cryo? That's what this show was missing -- even more of Jason's backstory. We already had a Jason episode.

When all of a sudden CJ pulls up because Jason wants to see him in the mountain. Jason states that they have food for a month, and no medicines -- he really is a shitty, shitty leader.

And with the Abbies still massed outside the fence, he thinks they can defeat them. And Jason determines that they should all go back into the cryo. I think one of the writer's may have gotten off their ass and actually read the last couple of s of the original trilogy of books. Margaret's not dead -- that's surprising, and somehow the Abbies after only recently discovering fire are now cauterizing wounds. How in the fuck does that happen? Jason -- dressed up as Tom Hanks in the Green Mile -- addresses the WP community and tells them they are going back in the pods.

People are a little panicky but CJ settles them down. Then CJ explains to the WP students who have never known the cryo about how the volcanic sand and sulphuric gas just "turn them off" by killing all the bacteria.

Follow us:

Yeah, that seems like some pretty hokey made up bullshit. Just killing all the bacteria won't preserve you like that. Apparently now dead Jason was the perfect baby. Did Pilcher genetically de dead Jason?

Aren't there anymore people still in cryo who have never been released like Theo? There has to be more people still in cryo.

Theo makes a point that "defectives" who can't reproduce shouldn't be included -- to make Jason choose not to take Kerry. Kerry walks in on Jason and Theo -- and it's a little awkward.

Theo tells Kerry about the pod problem, but she is in denial. Then he tells her that Jason isn't taking defectives, and then lies that he couldn't convince Jason otherwise. And she needs to take Jason out. But Kerry isn't swayed so easy. If they only have one month supply of food now, that means they will only have a one month supply of food when they get out from the cryo.

Jason and Rebecca discuss the plans for the town after they emerge from cryo for the 2nd time. And Jason brings up the fact that Rebecca is pregnant in a creepy way. Cut to Pilcher staring over a nursery in a Boise, Idaho hospital -- because he wants a baby now. And will donate whatever it takes to get him.

But first, the mother wants to meet Pilcher. And the mother of the baby that Pilcher is buying is So Jason has been banging his mom??

Empire, e4

If Jason wasn't fucked up before, wait until he finds out that little tidbit of info. But the ages don't add up -- Kerry would have been a teen when they got out of cryo when Jason was an infant. I think the writers are just pulling stuff out of their collective asses -- even moreso than normal. Why is Pilcher in such a rush -- it looks like it's Xmas at the hospital, and the mountain was closed up in April? Kerry and Pilcher smalltalk, but Kerry indicates that she has been abused by all the men in her life. And Kerry indicates that she pine use the money Pilcher will pay her for to travel around the world.

Turns out Kerry is well read. As Jason is going though personnel files they never did explain why they wayward reverse years in the filesand Jason discovers a secret file that has Kerry's incest and Jason discovers that Kerry is his mom. And he gets a little freaked. Kerry shows up in Pilcher's office -- he explains that he can only take half, and do it in secret.

War and peace: bbc adaptation criticised for adding incest scene to tolstoy epic

I still find it hard to believe that in the 17 years since coming out of the cryo -- no one has painted the walls in Pilcher's office. Jason starts going on about secrets. And they struggle -- Kerry gets in some good whacks I cheered a little each time Jason was hituntil the camera gets all out of focus and you hear the sound of a gun cocking as they continue to struggle as a single gun shot rings out. Please, please, please let it be Jason -- but who's kidding who, it's going to be Kerry.

Kerry had no idea that she has been wayward her son -- since Pilcher told her the baby went to Texas. And we are incest to Pilcher putting Kerry in the cryo -- and Kerry replaced Abigail. It would have been nice to find out why Abigail was so perfect -- did Pilcher get her pregnant intentionally? Who was the pine -- Pilcher?

Cut to more hangings by the carousel as Jason goes through personnel files -- and singles out Kerry to revive from cryo as his new girlfriend. And then Jason greets Kerry after she awakes from cryo.

This all happened after the events of Season 1. But hasn't Kerry been prattling on about how she is a First Generation -- but she never ever was.

Jason and kerry (wayward pines)

And we get a clever fade out as we find that the gun shot both of them -- and they die side by side. Or do they. And their blood streams down the streets of miniature WP in Pilcher's office. And we end the episode with people lining up outside the entrance to the mountain, waiting for their turn to go into cryo.

Incest survivor reclaims herflaceinmi

Why not power down the city to power more pods since they are leaving going into cryogenic for a long time? Logic like that is not allowed on this show. I don't even get how the power works? Weren't there people still frozen? They had tons of people still frozen at the end of last season, and managed to keep them alive while still powering the fence and the whole town. But I guess a magical year old power source must have to end some time.

During that scene with Pilcher and Kerry, I kept thinking how awful it is that she never got to do any of those things because Pilcher put her in cryo suspension or whatever. Pilcher claimed to be saving humanity, but he really just robbed people of doing what they wanted. Kerry could have lived a full wayward before the world ended. And there would have been no risk of incest.

So no one else knew who Jason's mom was. Shouldn't he have at least told that sister of his so if something ever happened to him she could make sure Jason didn't end up incest with her. It really wasn't so far fetched that it could have happened, she would be a teenager when she came out and they encourage teenagers to have lots of sex.

How the fuck do they have all those cameras right in the middle of Abbyland? If they can monitor them that closely why do they act so surprised when so many show up all of a sudden?