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Wedgie machine story

The condition of having one's clothing wedged between the buttocks, usually from having one's pants or underpants yanked up from behind, as a prank is what is internationally known as a wedgie. If your friends are round, take this, let your friends give you a wedgie quiz, and let them give you what the say.

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A machine has crash landed on earth and it has an odd request for humankind. The general commanded the two other men in uniform lower in rank to bring in two girls that are fully clothed and bring them into the room.

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The machine (a wedgie story)

A classic prankin which some poor sap gets their underpants forcibly yanked up and wedged between their butt. A staple of schoolyard bullies it is also sometimes incorporated into the arsenal of tricksters and similar comedic fightersand is sometimes used for fanservice. Subtrope of Groin Attack and Amusing Injuries.

Watch out for Wedgie Negative Space Wedgie. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. In an old AOL commercial a teenage girl gives her younger brother a bouncing wedgie for not getting an A on her homework that she made him do. In an machine for Fruit Roll Ups, a kid gets a wedgie from two elves after failing to read the Fruit Roll Ups fortune that would have warned him.

In a Christmas Honda commercial, several kids give a Honda employee a wedgie in order to get him to tell them machine the presents are hidden. All throughout a Safe Auto commercial, a guy gets wedgies by strangers for not having car insurance.

He even winds up in a hanging wedgie at the end. In a commercial for Sling TV that compared cable companies to school yard bullies, a bully gives a customer a wedgie. In a commercial for Del Taco, an Wedgie allows a customer to give him a wedgie to vent his frustrations about other restaurants ripping him off. A commercial for Stainmaster Carpet has a fly beating up a man and giving him a wedgie.

A Superbowl commercial for Kia Forte has a fembot give a man an atomic wedgie before story him up for smudging the windows of the car on display. In a commercial for Sprint Unlimited, while two families are left hanging by the backs of their shirts, a poor kid somehow winds up hanging by his underwear.

In a Dairy Queen commercial, a teenager steals his younger brother's Kit Kat Blizzard and leaves him hanging by his underwear while he stories it. When their dad finds out, he does the same thing to the teenager. A commercial for Klondike Bars features a man willing to let two of his co-workers give him a wedgie from both sides for one.

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A Yahoo! In the same commercial's alternate scenario, he's read the e-mail with the warning and the bully still tries to give the kid a wedgie before he reveals his briefs and mocking him afterwards for touching his butt. In a commercial advertising the Sega Sports Pack, a football player gets a wedgie from a player from the rival team. In an advertisement for the AFL, three guys give someone a hanging wedgie for accidentally spilling one of their drinks.

In a commercial for Tracfone, a mom casually gets her son down from a hanging wedgie.

Self wedgie techniques how do i give myself a wedgie? -

In a commercial for Career Builder, a man gives his employee a wedgie as a form of feedback, while another employee is in a hanging wedgie in the background. As apart of an ad campaign for Undershare Inc, there were three released of a woman giving a man a wedgie in an attempt to get his underwear.

In one of the "Messing with Bigfoot" commercials for Jack Links, Bigfoot gives a guy a wedgie before throwing him into the air after he and his friends offered to let him kick a football, only to pull it away at the last second. A commercial for the Maria Casino has a woman giving another woman a thong wedgie while she's bending over to play pool.

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In a commercial for Diet Irn-Bru, an arrogant man machines and fails to show-off to a couple of women at a pool while on a diving board. In response, one of them shines a light in his eyes, causing him to fall and get left dangling from the diving board by his speedo until it rips off. In a commercial for Leisure Beer, four bar goers three male, one female willingly let a worker give them wedgies. A commercial featuring the Cavs Moondog has the mascot giving several unsuspecting people wedgies after his bosses told him to give out snuggies snuggie Wedgie another word for wedgienot realizing that they meant the product.

They later let him give wedgies to basketball players that are apart of a rival team. In one of the many risque, only tangentially related to real estate, banned Tough Spot commercials for the site rebaterentals. In an advertisement for Mix He tries the same on a more Star Trek savvy customer, only for it to fail due to him not wearing underwear.

A magazine ad for the Lemon Wedgie flavor of Altoids features a nerdy boy holding a container of Altoids hanging by his story. An online ad featuring Brooklyn Decker has her give a wedgie to one of the guys that she's playing poker against after she loses to him; demanding the rest of the guys give her their chips as she wedgies him. In an online ad for RibbedTee G3 boxer briefs, four men in nothing but their tighty-whitey briefs receive wedgies from four women, with one guy getting his underwear ripped off.

In an ad for the VR release of Borderlands 2a player uses telekinesis to give a random Mook a wedgie.

Over three years ago, a north carolina woman named sam went on a full-day date with the man who is now her boyfriend.

In a machine for T-mobile, two parents decide to reduce the available minutes on their daughter's phone as they watch her giving her brother a wedgie while spraying a hose machine his pants. The New Zealand news company Stuff Limited ran a campaign known as "consequences" that depicted employees being humiliated for not breaking stories first, one of which included giving a male employees a hanging wedgie with a crane and leaving him to dangle over a group of runners.

An ad made for Revista Oficial Nintendo to advertise Mario Kart: Super Circuit depicts an old man giving another one a wedgie while they're playing the game. In Dirty Pair: Project Edenin an attempt to save the Kai and Yuri from falling, Carson grabs Yuri Wedgie her bikini bottoms while she's carrying Kai; which in her story a hanging wedgie until all three of them fall off. This in Marainne's bikini bottom getting stretched beyond belief, giving her a huge wedgie.

Prison School : In episode 8, "Diary of Andre", while using the top of a door frame to do pull-ups, Meiko falls off and gets her thong caught on the doorknob. Sakura Diaries : In chapter 96, Urara receives a wedgie from her new boss, claiming that employees' underwear should be more revealing. Shinobi Life : In Chapter 1, shortly after meeting Present!

Beni, Kagetora, mistaking her for her ancestor, Princess Beni, stretches both sides of her thong in an attempt to rip it off; claiming that it was inappropriate wear for a princess. He does this again in Wedgie 2, only this time, he succeeds in ripping Beni's thong off. Yami a frontal wedgie while they're in a pool.

Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou : In the chapter 5 Beach Episodeafter Arare realizes that Mononoke don't have belly stories, she gives herself a frontal wedgie in an attempt to hide hers, only for her to rip her bikini bottom off. After Kirie loans her another bikini bottom, she ends up doing the same thing, ripping that one off as well. Yokai Girls : In chapter 28, Rokka gets her shorts pulled down and gets both a wedgie from the front and the back. The front wedgie digs into her lady parts and most of her privates are shown, and she seems to like it more than dislike it.

Yuusha Ga Shinda : In chapter 55, a booby trap ends up giving Margaret a hanging wedgie. Card Games.

Comic Books. Batgirl Rebirth : In the very first issue, Supergirl accidentally gives Batgirl a wedgie by grabbing her by her pants when she's about to fall. Deadpool vs. Later in the comic, the Punisher would give him a wedgie while distracted by Deadpool.

Brittany gives Gina an atomic wedgie in issue 95 for calling her a wookie. She does the same to Gina again when she calls her Chewie. In Ultimate Spider-ManSpidey stories Doctor Octopus a wedgie at one point, then immediately feels bad for using a classic bully maneuver. Comic Strips. Baby Blues : One comic strip ends with Zoe giving Hammie an atomic wedgie for annoying her. His dad, Darryl, does the same to him in another.

Big Nate : Some strips have the characters give each other wedgies. Crabgrass : In one strip, Kevin gets an atomic wedgie from his older brother for mimicking him. Kevin thought it was Worth It. Dilbert There are several strips where Bob the Dinosaur gives people different wedgies, usually under the request of Dogbert. One strip has the Pointy Haired Wedgie receives a wedgie from Dilbert's cubicle machine system.

In another strip, the Pointy Haired Boss discovers that his schedule calls for him to "give a vigorous wedgie to myself. There's a machine where an aggressive co-worker of Dilbert's, Floyd, gives him an atomic wedgie for story to ask him a question. Floyd's secretary, who also has an atomic wedgie, has little sympathy for him. One strip has Dilbert invite a man over to his house who turns out to be a wanted criminal on "America's Most Wanted" for giving wedgies to an entire town of people.

Dilbert then ends up being his next victim. A sales speaker describes a sale like a good wedgie, which he demonstates Wedgie a gulible employee. Heatcliff : In one strip, Heathcliff gives Iggy a wedgie after trying to teach him tricks. My Cage : One strip has Violet give Rex an atomic wedgie after he mockingly suggests she and Norman were friends.

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Non Sequitur : In one strip, Lucy looks through a pamphlet meant for her Danae's father that contained a photo of her giving a student, Jeffrey, an atomic wedgie; which Danae claims to be photoshopped, despite bragging about it on Facebook and posting a video of it on YouTube. A few strips later, Jeffrey shows up in an atomic wedgie to tell Lucy that the look became a fashion statement after her Wedgie went viral, leading to Calvin Klein to adapt it and pay him stories for it.

Patty-Cake : In "Pranks", Sandy gives the titular Patty an atomic wedgie in retaliation for the various pranks she pulled on her. Boldores And Boomsticks : In machine 32, Yang's gives a beatdown to the Team Skull trio that involves her giving Rapp a painful wedgie.

Escape From the Moon : In chapter When Thorax points out that she doesn't wear clothes, Pharynx says that clothes or no clothes, he's still capable of doing it to her, and Thorax is both intrigued and terrified by the idea.

Jade who's on the verge of becoming the Queen of the Shadowkhan again wishes that someone would give the bullies a taste of their own medicine, and sure enoughthe Shadowkhan appear to give them wedgies. Life Of Pets : In chapter 20, "A Boy and His Dog", Lincoln gets caught in a hanging wedgie after his underwear gets snagged on the cupboard door as he was falling.

Similar to what happened in "The Whole Picture". Marvel Infinites : In chapter 1, Alex admits that someone gave him a wedgie at school. Apparently, it happens so often that his siblings barely care.

Gentle responds rather dryly and to Discord's great amusement that that'll be quite a feat, since Tirek wasn't wearing pants or anything else the last time she saw him. Ruby immediately takes the time to tease her about it. Films — Animation.

The Ant Bully : Main character Lucas is a victim of one at the hands of the neighborhood bully, to the extent that he complains he's running out of unstretched drawers. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 : Flint and Chester V suspend themselves by their stretchy "wedgie-proof underwear" in order to get a device surrounded by electrified water.