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Wedgie story school

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Jun 20, by anonymous views 1 comments. I became obsessed with wedgies when I was around 6 years old after watching an iCarly episode in which Freddie receives a wedgie. I had a male friend in first grade who I carpooled with, and we started to give each other wedgies in his mom's car. We would go into the back trunk area of her SUV and wedgie each other.

How old am I: 36
Where am I from: English
Color of my hair: Lustrous hair
Languages: French
Body type: I'm quite skinny
I like to drink: Lager
Stud: None

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When ur briefs are pulled up ur crack. My family tortures me. My birthday present?

I coerced my male friends to engage in my wedgie obession in elementary school

A wedgie. And tighty whities. Im serious. My whole family comes to my house and gives me wedgies.

Girlwedgie stories

Then the grand finaly, my dad and brother strip me and then make me put on my d underwear which are huge and then they lift up both sides of the underwear to over my head, lift me up, carry me to my room, put me on my bed which by da way is 2 hooks to hang my underwear on 7 ft of the floor and leave me there after duck taping me there Yep, ive grown used to it.

We stuffed his clothes in the other toilets and peed on them.

When you pull up on someone's underwear. Usually done by boxer-wearing kids to brief-wearers like me.

Wedgie stories at school

Briefs are comfortable except when in a wedgie! A painfully punishment given to the nerds, losers and even geeks who need it.

See that nerd Elizabeth over their sitting by herself. This I gave a massive wedgie morning she really needed it she was being a total dork.

Wedgie stories at school

After that she went to the corner and cried her eyes out. When someone yanks anothers underwear up. One day i went over too my friends house.

I didn't know that his parents were out for 2 months mines were out for 3 months with my older brother taking care of me so i went in and his brother 13 years old comes and pins us down. He siad "i finally did it! Before he hung us he stiped us down too our underwear and kicked us in the balls.

I tried too get out but with the pain from my ass i couldn't do a thing. After a day his brother came back with a LOT of water. Our underwear still didn't ripe We were pissing ourselfs and craping sometimes too.

My brother came with some school bullys and they toke us down too just kick us in the balls and started taking pics. They fed us water and food a lot.