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What is a soft butch

While many people who identify as butch use the term in reference to their gender expression, others claim it as a nonbinary identity in itself, notably Leslie Feinbergwho defined butch as a gender neither male nor female.

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Being butch is about playing with and challenging traditional binary male and female gender roles and expressions. Yet butches have been around, challenging societal understandings of gender roles, across cultures and throughout history. Butch is not just one thing, as most queer cultures across the globe have their own variation of the term specific to their own social context such as location, race and class. She was a 19th century landowner, industrialist and adventurer, whose diaries recorded her relationships with multiple women. She presented in male clothing and occupied male spaces afforded to her by her wealth and social standing.

What is my age: 32
Where am I from: Portuguese
Sexual preference: Guy
Sex: Girl
Hair color: Redhead
My favourite drink: Mulled wine
Music: Easy listening
I have piercing: None
Tattoo: None

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I get the desire to detach from 'men' but god, butch is such an ugly word I admit English is not my language. Report Quote 37 Post by Guest » 10 JanI think those labels are efficient for describing you or the next person. Having a lot of terms does make my head ache, but this terms can be quite helpful.

Does that make me anything less of a femme lesbian tho if I like to wear suits in heels? I get the impression that stone butches are mean butches.

But I think I'd look ridiculous and corny so I'm in chapstick lesbian hell I guess? Also does anyone really use the word futch lol.

Shades of ‘butch:’ in their own words

Report Quote Reactions. Report Quote 53 Post by guest » 21 MayI don't know the exact definition but to me a soft butch is a gender nonconforming lesbian who doesn't play a role.

She's just seems more comfortable and doesn't need to play tough or be alpha or whatever. Report Quote 67 Post by Guest » 21 MayThere is also an emerging usage of the terms soft butch, "stem" stud-femme"futch" feminine butchor "chapstick lesbian" as terms for women who have characteristics of both butch and femme. Lesbians who are neither butch nor femme are called "androgynous" or "andros".

Soft butch

These traits may or may not include short hair, clothing that was deed for men, and masculine mannerisms and behaviors. Soft butches generally appear androgynous, rather than adhering to strictly feminine or masculine norms. In the spectrum of gender expression among lesbians, a soft butch lies closer to a butch lesbian than to a lipstick lesbian. This type of behaviour is also considered socially acceptable of alternate gender roles within the lesbian community.

Soft butch

Whereas it is sometimes considered a betrayal of the lesbian community to be "too feminine" or "too masculine", the soft butch is an acceptable in-between state that generally receives greater acceptance. However, some soft butches may share many characteristics as a stone butch with the exception of preferring to not be genitally touched.

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