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What is a soft swap

This is quite understandable as the swinger lifestyle itself can be an acquired taste and may not suit both parties of a relationship.

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Swingers are couples who engage in group sex or the swapping of sexual partners, often at a party hosted by someone in the swinging community. Basically, swingers see their two-person relationships as romantically monogamous and sexually open, meaning they're down to engage in sex with outside partners, while their partner is at the same function or in the same room. Since swinging along with other forms of consensual non-monogamy is not culturally acceptable thanks to society's puritanical views on sex, these communities are largely underground, with only those involved in on the secret.

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Soft swap is a term used by individuals who are into the swinger lifestyle or partner swapping.

Swinging is regarded as those activities that everybody knows about, but no one in fact knows about.

It refers to sexual activities in swinger play, but does not include penetrative sex of another person's partner. Soft swap swingers have a range of different limits. For instance, some may only want to have sex in the same room as other swingers. Others, however, may be open to the idea of kissing, fondling, oral sex, and analingus with other swingers.

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It's generally a good idea for swingers to decide whether they are soft swap or full swap before they engage in any sexual activities with other swingers. They should also decide what their limits are make these limits clear to any playmates.

It is generally recommended that couples who are new to the swinger lifestyle start with soft swap. If they both later find that they are comfortable with seeing their partner engaged in penetrative sex with another person, they can become full swap swingers. However, it's important to have a serious conversation outside of any sexual play before making this decision.

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More About Soft Swap It's generally a good idea for swingers to decide whether they are soft swap or full swap before they engage in any sexual activities with other swingers. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter!

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