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What is a wet t-shirt contest

The wet t-shirt contest is one of the most crowd pleasing events that anyone can throw at an event.

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Ah, springtime. A time when flowers start to bloom, when temperatures rise and when tens of thousands of young people head down south for the week-long bacchanal known as spraaaaang breaaaaaak. From mud wrestling to pole dancing competitions, sexploitative party activities have become a hallmark of Spring Break culture. The premise of the contest is simple: Women — typically hot, inebriated women — don thin white T-shirts with nothing underneath and get doused with water.

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Click to see full answer People also ask, what is the point of a wet tshirt contest?

A contest in which women wear t-shirts that are wet to make them slightly translucent so the breasts are visible, and others judge the women on appearance. Additionally, how do you unfreeze a shirt?

Place each t- shirt in water—about two cups—and then wring it out. Too much water will prevent the t- shirt from thawing in a reasonable amount of time.

After the t- shirt has been wrung out, fold it neatly into a square, so that it fits inside the freezer bag. In his autobiography Breaking Even, filmmaker Dick Barrymore claimed to have hosted the first wet T - shirt contest as part of a promotional event for K2 skis, though the contest's first mention in the press wasn' t until four years later.

Together these will work to break down the fibers of the shirt and reduce stiffness. Put the shirt in the wash — to save on water, include the shirt in other lo of items that you want to soften in the same way other t- shirtstowels, sheets, etc. The first person to put the shirt on, wins!

What is a wet t shirt party?

All participants get to keep their ly frozen shirt! No pre-registration required.

What is a wet T shirt party? Category: style and fashion mens underwear and sleepwear. A wet T - shirt contest is a competition involving exhibitionism, typically featuring young women contestants at a nightclub, bar, or resort.

Water often ice water is then sprayed or poured onto the participants' chests, causing their T - shirts to turn translucent and cling to their breasts. What's a frozen t shirt contest? Similar Asks. Popular Asks.