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When your sugar daddy gets you pregnant

My sugar daddy got me pregnant we have been seeing each other once or twice a month since may and have always used protection, last month the condom split and I got the morning after pill which didn't work. He has a girlfriend that he's been with 2 years and has recently started living with and hasn't returned my calls since i told him I was pregnant on Friday as he's been busy with his girlfriend. On Friday he saidvwe can speak Saturday and on Saturday he said to meet up Monday now he's saying he's been busy so maybe next week.

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in. This week we are reviewing a letter from an anonymous lady who would seriously use a great advice now.

Before you get disgusted with the title of my story, I would plead with you to read through the entire content of my letter. You can obviously tell my full name from my address but I would like to be called anonymous when this story gets to be published. Due to my past experiences, I swore never to date younger men.

With "sugar babies" on the rise, what s can you watch for?

Truth be told, younger men these days are really good at break ups; they have been specially blessed with unique abilities to cheat on their partners with the flimsiest excuses and I ended up living half of my life being shoved under the carpet like a piece of rag. After a year of battling with my emotional breakdown, I met Mr. Dagadu, a multi millionaire and an oil business tycoon; he spoiled me so much and always made sure I lacked nothing. Dagadu was married to white woman with whom he had a son. He moved permanently to Ghana after their divorce together with his twenty- seven 27 year old son.

His son was aware of our relationship and never bothered to question whatever we had going on; this went on for two 2 years until my beloved asked me to move in with him.

I thought God blessed me with the whole package: a very handsome older man, amazing in bed, great physique, fabulously rich, loves to travel and most importantly, he loved to show me off in public… ladies what more could we ask for right? Nicholas Dagadu left the shores of Ghana to the United Kingdom for an urgent business conference, leaving me at home with his son, Mitch.

Should i cut things off with my sugar daddy?

I must say that we got along pretty well and I was indeed surprised. We went out for parties, strolled on the beach, played video games, cooked together and went on short road trips together. Mitch was gradually eating into my soul! One Saturday morning, I was making breakfast for us as usual when he came up from behind and hugged me around my waist with a good morning peck on the cheek which left me motionless for a few seconds. He suddenly turned and gently planted a soft kiss on my lips which sent shivers running down my spine.

He kissed me again but this time very deep and passionate… I simply could not reject this one Naya and before I could say jack, we were having sex right by the pool in the scorching sun and fortunately for us, the security guard was stationed in front of the gate. I had no regrets after the act; it was so good that I forgot to push him to grab a condom.

Soon, I found myself sneaking into his room for more of his magical sex techniques.

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Dagadu called to say he would stay a little longer in the UK in order to be able to launch his new business successfully and he promised to be back in two 2 weeks. To cut the long story short, I later found out that I was pregnant and told Mitch about it. He begged me to keep the baby and vowed to defend me when his father got back.

I do not know what to do Naya.

Nana yaa asabea

Should I just abort this pregnancy or go ahead and keep it? How do I face Mr Dagadu? What if he throws me out? What if I lose everything? Naya what do I do? I carefully have to process this before I come out with an advice. But what do you think?

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What should our anonymous lady do? Write to me: nayascolumn gmail. I love Jesus, adventure,music and anything exciting.

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