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White brief stories

Chris had an older brother, Paul, who Chris still shared a When I first started my journey into wearing briefs I was in primary school here in the UK and at first I think like many of us I was

white singles Ayla

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Over eighty years ago, when the classic tighty whities first went on sale, it was a massive success.

How old am I: 44
Ethnic: I was born in Sweden
Sexual preference: Hetero
Tint of my iris: I’ve got large hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Sign of the zodiac: I'm Pisces
I like to listen: Reggae

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A continuation from last weeks post……. Besides the big department store catalogs, I had another source in which I was able to sneak a peek at men and boys in their underwear when I was a boy and unlike the store catalogs that were issued every several months the store sale came weekly! The best part of this was that the men and boys who modeled the underwear in these were brief different. To me this was exciting. They were thrown away weekly!

By the end of the week, my mother had her shopping list made out with the items that she needed to buy and where to get them. Twice a week, I would go into the closet and rummage through the brown paper bags looking for the underwear models that were in the sale and once I found them all, I would clip them out of the s.

I snuck out of the closet, making sure nobody saw me and darted to my room with my pictures. Doing this was white dangerous as my brother or mother could barge in at any time but that risk was worth my reward. Sometimes this lasted a few minutes or for brief some time and it seemed to depend on my level of excitement that I felt. After I was finished, I took my pictures and hid them in a place where no one could find them, my underwear drawer.

I was about 12 stories old, I had white come from school and heading the the kitchen for an after school snack. My mother had cut me off before I reached the kitchen, grabbing my arm and dragging me down the hallway to my bedroom. She shut the door. She headed to my story, my heart pounded, why was she going there? She opened my top drawer, my underwear drawer…took out something that I could not yet see but I knew what it was.

My heart sank. She sighed, turned around and headed for the bedroom door. Just before opening it, she turned back to me and said. I never saw them again. My mother taking those pictures away from me hurt me more than being grounded for a week. Updated every Monday. On other days, my brother and me would embark on a long sailing journey out into the dark, shark infested waters, our mothers queen sized bed was our ship, a broom shored up by pillows; a make-shift mast, a towel taped to the top; our pirate flag.

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All in all, I was THE typical boy…. I shared the same excitement as any other boy would have at that age when that catalog finally arrived but secretly I looking was looking forward to other things in these catalogs as well.

I grabbed the Wish Book and took it to the bathroom with me. I opened the giant book that was resting in my lap as I sat on the toilet and started thumbing through the s.

I can feel my heart beating faster, anticipating what the next s would be. I turned the next several s and there it was, two whole s of men in white and colored underwear!

Thoughts and interests of a country boy in atlanta, ga

I d past the icky girls section, dresses…yuck! Silly Me! Finally, the boys section. Just a few more s, and I know I am getting close to what I am looking for when the boys suits, pajamas, and robes come into view. I turn theand there in all its glory, the boys underwear section.

Just at that moment, I feel that strange quiver in my private area again. I grabbed a towel off the towel rack, placed it behind my head, a makeshift pillow, stretched out on the floor, and propped the big heavy book upon my chest, s still open to the boys underwear section.

Comfort on demand

I began to rub my private area…. A knock at the door…. I jump up, pull up my briefs and pants, close the big book, just in time; as my brother barges in, crying that had to use the potty. This ritual continued for a very long time, into my early teens until sadly the stores; one by one stopped their catalog businesses.

To be continued…. For vintage catalog underwear pictures updated oftenplease visit our web site.

Take me to the briefs! My Underwear Story…… Also posted on our Website. It was this commercial that sparked my interest in underwear. At age 10, I loved underwear……why you ask; well I am still searching for that answer 35 years later.

On my twelfth birthday, grandma could always be counted on to give me a gift that had new white briefs in it and while most kids would throw them aside, embarrassed, I was happy and excited to get my new white briefs.


I shredded off the wrapping paper, removed the box lid, and pulled apart the tissue paper held together with a gold sticky seal to get at my new briefs. Later that night, getting ready for bed; and after my shower, I pulled the briefs out of their box…ripped open the plastic package and put a new fresh gleaming white pair of briefs on and hopped into bed. Several minutes later I was trying to figure out why something felt different than my other briefs.

These were softer and fit better than mine other ones.


The legs bands were wider and so was the waistband, but there was something else…the backside felt different; it was softer and thicker and I liked it, it felt great. I wore these while playing sports too as they absorbed more sweat than my others had. As Christmas came closer I added JC Penny double seat briefs to my Christmas list for grandma, she always stories and bought what I liked so I fully expected her to buy me those again.

Christmas morning was awesome! I spotted the waistband on these and instantly took a liking to them, mostly because of the waistband style, two double blue stripes on them. I also had gotten briefs from mom on another birthday that was from Montgomery Wards and again I liked these too for the fit, comfort, softness, but more importantly, the waistband style and color…very cool! But hey, I still had the colored stripes and dashes on waistbands and I now made it a point to spot anyone with their undies showing over their pants too see what color stripes were on their waistbands.

There were so many white kinds…I guess I never realized it.

Thoughts and interests of a country boy in atlanta, ga

I also started getting different brands of briefs when I started working at age fifteen, Hanes, Jockey, and Sears but none compared to my JC Penny double seat briefs. Funny, the older I got the more I like undies…weird. It seems that briefs were out and boxers were in, just like that over-night I wondered?

The only story of person that I ever thought to wear boxers were the older men and my grandfather and I refused to be like them. Free from what I thought…and they needed underwear to breathe? I bought a pair of Joe Boxers and wore them to work. Throughout most of my day, I was miserable. I developed a rash on my inner thighs because of this.

This was liberation? They went into the garbage as soon as I got home, where after my shower I put my soft and comfy briefs on. I decided to brief myself and refused to buy any brief that did not have a colored stripe on it, this is what I wanted, not some advertisement on the waistband. I switched back solely to JC Penny briefs, they were the only brand that still had colored stripes on them. I figured this was the end of the white, enter the boxer-brief.

Although I hated these underwear but decide to try them as I did with the boxers. Not good! If people thought briefs were white and gave them up how could any one wear something that is tighter than briefs but in the legs! It is and briefs are making a slight comeback minus the colored stripes on the waistband and double seat fabric, and that is a shame, that is the reason for the Old Skool Briefs! With Old Skool Briefs, you wont find our name plastered all over the waistband, instead you will find multiple styles with brief colored stripes on them just like the ones from past. The Pool Party During my sophomore year in high school I had made many friends.

I was one of the story kids who could fit into any clique without rejection because of my personality, charm, humor, and ability to adapt well to my surroundings.

Comfort on demand

I was strong and confident and was well liked by everyone. I hung with the jocks and played sports but yet was able to hang with the geeks no, they did not have pocket protectors and make the honor roll three out the four years of high school. I was quite popular with the girls and the burn-outs liked me as well.

One day I would wear my cashmere sweater, shirt and tie to school and the next day I would don my Jack Daniels sunglasses, white jeans, my concert t-shirt from one of the 80s brief metal rock bands with an unbuttoned flannel shirt over the t. I had many friends from all the cliques and we typically hung out at my house for many reasons. My friends liked coming to my house because I had a cool room that I shared with my brother. The room was rather large since it was an attached garage that was converted into an additional bedroom room with an ading laundry room. My brother and I had spent countless hours decorating the room.

All the story a teen aged boy could ever want. Our street curved, and our home was situated on the curve, making back backyard property boundaries very large and irregular shaped. We also had a very large swimming pool in the yard with a full deck all the way around it. The pool was an oval, eighteen feet wide by thirty-two feet long and was four feet deep and playing volleyball in the pool was much better than playing in the yard.

Another reason that my friends liked hanging out at my house was that my parents were very strict yet very cool and they loved my moms home cooked meals which she always was willing to feed extra mouths without any complaints.

My friends would tell my parents that they wished that their parents cooked at home and made good food like they did. Overall, it was an enjoyable time at my house for both my friends and for me. On any given summer night, we good be found out at the pool, swimming, playing, sitting on the deck talking or listening to music, telling ghost stories, and in my case; I was secretly admiring my friends bodies in their swim trunks, wishing that they were swimming in their briefs instead.

Soon enough, this would come true.

New dynamic fabrics

It was early June and it was unusually hot that week. We had just been let out of school for summer break not even a week ago and the temperature soared pat ninety degrees. It was a hot and steamy Friday afternoon when a few of my friends called asking if I wanted to go to the Riverwalk.