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Years: I am 42
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Click the picture above for more details. This is a true story about my wife of 20 years, Mary.

She is a very petite 40 year old brunette, pounds. She has a very nice body for her tiny frame, with a nicely rounded ass and small but very firm, perky tits with huge nipples. She is very shy and we have never done anything out of the ordinary sexually.

And she always draws the eyes of men wherever we go. The only guy that I think she has ever even given a second look is my best friend Mike. I have known Mike since we were kids and we have been best friends ever since. Mary has known Mike since just before we married and we are all close.

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Mike seems kind of lost since the divorce and hangs out at our house most of the time. He had recently invested in a new venture that proved very successful so he had become very wealthy, pretty much financially independent. He had asked me if he could hire Mary when he first started the venture and she and I were all for it. He paid her very well and actually gave her a huge bonus when it became hugely successful. He just looked for reasons to give her, and me, money. It obviously made him very happy to be able to share his success with us and we certainly appreciated it.

We owe him a lot for everything he has done for us. Mary and I were having sex last night and we were having a long foreplay session which she likes very much. I asked her if she would tell me about any fantasy she might have while I fingered her pussy. She has a very small, very tight pussy that matches her small body, with great pussy lips that swell nicely when she is turned on.

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Oh come on Mary, everybody has fantasies, I replied, I know you do too. Please tell me. Well, there is one I guess, she replied.

Let me have it, I begged, as I continued to massage her wet swollen pussy. No, not really I replied, I have seen some guys that are above average but not huge. Oh, she replied disappointingly, nobody?

Are you asking about somebody in particular, I replied? No, no just wondering, she said. It had occurred to me by now that she was asking about Mike. Are you asking about Mike by any chance, I asked?

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No, of course not, she replied, why would you think that? Why, does he have a big one or something? Well, yes actually, I replied.

Oh, she asked very curiously, his is pretty big huh? Yes he is well endowed, I said. Well, like how well endowed, she asked? Damn, she said, I had no idea he would be that big…. I got on top of her and entered my rock hard cock into her very wet pussy and we fucked furiously until we both came to a fantastic orgasm.

It was the best sex we have had in a long time. Yes, she whispered. She told me she knew his cock was huge because she had seen the large wad in his pants several times at work, and that she had accidentally rubbed up against it one day at work at the copy machine….

Accidentally, I asked? I swear, she said. So did he try to move when it happened, I asked? No, he just kept it against my ass…. Interesting, I said, so he liked the feel of his cock against your ass huh? Did you offer to move or did you maybe offer to push back a bit yourself, I asked. I guess I may have pushed back…. So was he hard, I asked? Well………he got hard, she replied. So let me get this straight, I laughed, his cock was against your ass long enough for him to get a hard on….

Did either of you say anything, I asked?

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Did you get wet when it happened, I asked? Are you sure about this, she asked? Yes I am. Well do you really think he would want to fuck me, she asked? I think we should just leave it as a fantasy…. Ok, I said, whatever you think….

The next weekend, I called and asked Mike if he wanted to come over and watch a ballgame at our house on Saturday. All my guy friends love to come over and watch games or just hang out because it is a fun place to hang out and we have privacy and can play pool and drink beer or watch porno movies or whatever we want. And Mary is always a great host.

She loves getting to hang out with us some also…. She loves the company of men much more than women she always said.

And she loves any attention they give her. And she loved getting compliments from them about her looks…. I enjoyed having my friends admire my wife….

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She loved it when she got to hear the guys talking about sex and was always real curious about what men wanted…. I had told Mary that Mike was coming over to watch a game and hang out on Saturday.

Oh, who else is coming, she asked? Oh, ok, she said, sounds like fun……want me to fix you guys anything?

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That would be great, I said, thank you honey. On Saturday, I noticed that Mary showered a couple hours before Mike was supposed to show up and spent more time than usual fixing herself up real nice….

She put on some tight jeans that accented her fine ass and a low cut top that you could easily see down if she bent over. I also noticed that she had put on tiny white panties and a sheer see through white bra. She proceeded to fix us several different snacks as we waited on Mike to come over. You look really good today Mary, I said.

You really think so, she asked? Absolutely, I replied, you look gorgeous, as always. Mike showed up as scheduled. Mary answered the door and greeted him with the usual hug and peck on the cheek. He also complimented her on how nice she looked.