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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Wifes Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. This story first began a long time ago, when I was only 19 years old. Something happened to me one night that would end up having a much larger impact on my life than I ever imagined at the time. I was sitting in my car with my girlfriend Ann, listening closely as she confessed her infidelities to one.

That was when I first discovered that much to my surprise and confusion, I was becoming sexually aroused by what she was telling me. She told me that while I was out of town, she went to a party, gotten drunk, and let 3 guys fuck her. The combination of finding big that one girl I was in love with had fucked 3 guys and the feelings of arousal from hearing it made me very confused. Ann and I split up soon after. I eventually married a woman named Tracy. Tracy was a wonderful, sexy woman who was full of Wifes.

Tracy had one small problem however, she had difficulty achieving orgasm. She and I had sex often, and as much as I tried, she could achieve orgasm only on rare occasion. One night we were watching a porno movie and playing with a new toy that I bought for her.

I thought it would be fun for Tracy, and I knew she would enjoy something different. I started playing with her pussy using only the head of her new toy. After awhile her pussy became wet and started to loosen up. I began to work the dildo slowly into her a little at a time making sure that it stayed well lubricated by her pussy juices at all times.

I really enjoyed the sight of the dildo going into her, and I was very big to see how much of it she could take inside of her. Tracy is pretty tight even for me. She would first comment to me that she had the pussy of a 14 year old. It took some time for me to get the dildo even half way in.

I slid it into her and then slowly backed it out an inch or so to make sure it stayed well lubricated. When I got the dildo about three quarters the way into her, I hit the jackpot.

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Tracy had a huge orgasm. I was caught off guard by it at first. I watched as a wave of pleasure washed over her for about a minute. I was astonished to see her cum so hard with this new toy. After she returned from her little trip to heaven, I asked her how she liked the new toy. She said it was good, but she had enough for the moment.

Tracy played with her new toy often, but it was mostly when I was not around. She said that sometimes she would cum so hard that it would become stuck inside of her. She had to relax and wait for her pussy to loosen up enough to be able to pull it back out. Of the times I did, she would always stop me after one orgasm. After we were married for about three years, I started wanting more experimentation and variety in our sex life. Tracy and I talked about the possibility of trying a threesome with another man. She told me that it would be too weird to have sex with another man while I was watching.

She suggested that she try having sex with another man while I was not around, and work up to him and I together. Some time had passed and I stopped asking her to try other men.

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I just figured that she was never going to do it. At the party Tracy and I were talking to Marla and her husband Ken, in the kitchen. We were talking about the difficulties of moving and home ownership, when Marla mentioned that their water heater made a strange sound. Tracy told them that I was very handy around the house and that I might be able to discover the cause.


I agreed to take a quick look, so Marla showed me to the garage where the water heater was located. Ken offered to show Tracy the rest of the house while I was checking out the water heater.

The water heater problem was not difficult to diagnose. I turned the thermostat up so the burner would turn on and waited for several minutes as the burner heated the water. We heard a hissing sound coming from the burner.

I knew immediately what was causing the hissing sound, it was condensation from the tank dripping down into the fire. I explained the situation to Marla and told her that it was not a problem. She told me that she was very relieved. She and Ken had spent a lot of money moving into their new house and was not looking forward to spending more for a new water heater. She kissed me as a way of thanks. When we went back to the kitchen she rewarded me further with a cold beer and another thank you kiss. The party turned out to be pretty unremarkable. It was the same old thing, a bunch of strangers standing around not having too much to say.

Tracy and I went home at around midnight and went to bed. Tracy cuddled up to me under the covers and kissed me. She then reached down and started fondling my cock while she kissed me some more.

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Before long I was on my back and Tracy was on top, riding me slowly and grinding me deep into her. In the middle of our fuck secession, Tracy dropped a bomb on me. I promised, and she told me the story. My first thought was oh God what could it be that she is so afraid how I might react.

I was starting to feel more and more turned on by what she was telling me. The sensation was a curious mixture of jealousy and very powerful feelings of lust.

And yes, I swallowed it. I was on my knees in the middle of the room sucking his huge dick. He was huge. I have never seen a cock that long and fat before. After I swallowed his cum we got ourselves back together and went back to the kitchen. I just wanted to suck that big thing. Have you ever done something like this before? Have you played with any other men? Tracy picked up the pace of grinding her hips and gradually rode me harder and harder until she exploded in a huge orgasm. It was also clear to me that I too was very turned on by what she did.

I coaxed her into riding some more until I exploded into her. We were both so turned on that I lay her on her back and fucked her until I shot a second load into her. After our magnificent sex secession we lay together. I held Tracy next to me in my arms. Just before I drifted off to sleep Tracy looked up at me and said:. The next night while we were having sex, I asked again about what happened between her and Ken. This time she gave more detail about how he fondled her tits, and fingered her pussy.

I finally asked her if she would like to fuck Ken. I told her to please go ahead, but she had to tell me all about it when she returned from being with him. Tracy said that she would think about it and then let the subject drop.

I decided it would be best not to push any harder about the situation.