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Wild animal sex stories

Alternate Pleasure by Unknown All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Mon 20th of May Report. So when I turned 15, I started having very strong sexual urges.

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This is my second story in ISS and this story is includes of fisting, fingering, Rimjob, feet licking, etc. We had sex countless times and I am sharing a session from that. I got moved to other company and I am working in a mnc at chennai now. My friend leave home to office in the morning time usually.

We had discussed a lot and few are below. F: hey, get married soon so you will get into a new life and enjoy your youth life. Do not waste your life this shift timing. M: I am also thinking the same and I could not get a chance to have sex with my lover. I am the person, who have more and extremely interested in sex as she does not have much interest and much knowledge in sex like.

F: hey, what are you telling? What do you have in your mind about sex? Why are you thing that she cannot fulfill your expectations? M: hey, you know about me right. Why are you asking these many questions to me because she knows most of my wishes in sex?

I usually not wearing inners while sleeping so I was sleeping with boxer only. My friend went to office as usual and he will come back late in the evening. I could feel that someone was beside me and started jerking my cock. My cock already erected stage.

I opened my eyes slowly and looked at her. She kissed my full face and started sucking my lips for long time passionately. I was in half sleep and I could not open my eyes fully because of tired. She was kissing me and sucking my lips one by one continuously. I know that she had periods on that day and that was the second day I hope.

I awaken and started kissing back. She gave her tongue to suck. I took her tongue deeper and deeper in my mouth.

She rolled her tongue everywhere in my mouth and tasted it. A lot of saliva had fallen down from her mount to my mouth.

I was catching all of them and drunk it. She spat her saliva and started kissing me. We had this session around 30 minutes. She slapped me and asked me to wake up. I woke up and removed her t-shirt and her bra. She placed her boobs in my mouth to suck it. I sucked them like a mad angry dog.

I look full boobs into my mouth and was sucking with sound. She caught my hair and pressed toward her boobs to suck more aggressive. She spits her saliva into my mouth and placed her boobs in my mouth to sex. A lot of saliva animal in my mouth and licked her boobs with that. She was rubbing her boobs over my full face to spread saliva everywhere on my face. We had this story more than 30minutes. She then placed her armpit in my mouth to lick and suck. She was more aggressive on that day. It was bit smelling bad but I like girls aroma smell so I was sucking and licking passionately.

I spit saliva and taken it back for some time. I really was enjoying with her activities. F: now, I need your hard fingering and fisting she was on period on that day and it was the second day I believe as I mentioned already. M: hey, are you sure? Because you are on period days. I do not have any problem, in fact, I like this kind of dirty sex.

I was very surprised and very happy to see her like a whore. I then placed my middle finger with full speed without waste my time. She gave a loud moan and I was scared but I did not bother her and started kicking her pussy literally. I then added one more finger and was increasing my speed. Omg, her pussy produced periods blood but I was starting to kick her pussy with wild speed. She was holding my hand and shouting like anything and the sound was spread everywhere in the house.

Animal orgy

The nearby house also could hear if anyone was there but unfortunately, no one was there. I could not wait so I placed three fingers and continued my work for some time. She could not tolerate the pain and tears were coming from her eyes but she was holding my hand and gave force towards her pussy. That made me a mad and I placed 4 fingers and gave a full strength kick with full speed.

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Omg, she was shouting aggressively this time and I got scared and stopped for a second. She then saw me with anger and told me why did you stopped you bastard, kick me!!! Kick me!!! Till I dieā€¦. I could not believe her activities but I was enjoying that with a dirty mind.

We had this whole session for more than 45 minutes. My hand was fully filled with her blood when I took my hand out. She had an orgasm I hope so.

I could not see that clearly since filled with periods blood. I thought she got tired and she might have some rest but I was wrong. She sat on me and she told me that you mastered your turn now. I have a lot of hair on my body. She started sucking my nipple.

Omg, I was feeling like I was in heaven and enjoying her sex game. She did the same to another side of my nipple. A lot of saliva generated from her mouth while sucking my nipple. She then spits all on my body and licked them back. I thought what a dirty bitch she was. She then started move downwards and licking everywhere on my stomach. Finally, she caught my cock and she looks my hole cock in her mouth in a gulp. I got shocked when I saw her like this but I did not get time to think of it since I was enjoying her dirty work. She was licking my cock like a porn star.

I was in heaven. She was biting it and sucking the head my cock. Omg, lot of saliva she got and spat all on my cock. That place fully filled with her saliva and fallen down on the bed as a lot of saliva she started to generate. I hold her hair and pushed her for some time when my full cock in her mouth. She was not able to breathe and she started kicking me to release her to take a breath. I then released her and she got a long breath. A lot of saliva fell on my cock from her mouth. I then stroke my cock and put it in her mouth in a gulp.

I did this for more than 15 minutes. I like it more. She then moved to my balls.