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Witch tg story

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Despite this being his main path, though, Hisato is still capable of digivolving into other forms based upon various factors and stimuli that affect his digital code. As it always seemed to be par for the course of things, a mysterious figure was found frozen within the Ice Mountains, and hijinks led to this figure being set free from their prison. As it turns out, this mysterious figure was a self-stated Halloween spirit going by the name of Waleena the Halloween Queen.

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Dan walked into the street leading up to his house. Another day of crummy school over. Now he was 16, he didn't actually have to go to school.

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Well, technically. Of course his parents wouldn't let him quit.

He'd come too far to give up now. He wished he didn't have to go to school, like his sister Kat. It was her 18th birthday today. Dan didn't get her a present, of course. He never did.

It wasn't like she ever got him one! But this morning, his parents didn't get on his back for it; because Kat had recieved a very big present from her parents. Dan had her his mom say something about "all the girls in the family get this on their 18th birthday", and it being "something you have to keep secret".

Dan had made a remark about it being a sowing quilt, and was consequently told off for it. But he had wondered what it was He went up to the front door, and rang the bell.

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Kat answered. Dad said you couldn't start drinking until the party. It was all a lie. And you, my pathetic little brother, will now experience it. In fact, I'm sure mom and dad wouldn't mind a new pet rabbit, or dog, or cat, or maybe a chicken for dinner or a pig for the barbeque.

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Well I think you'd make a far better animal. When she was finished, the wand began to glow, and Dan began to feel slightly strange. Mom is more patient than me, she would never use her powers for wrong, but I'm not that kind. You are not logged in.

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The witch sister

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