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Wwe paige spanking story

The match had been going on for a good 15 minutes, and both Sasha Banks and Paige had been through a hard battle.

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This is a woman tournament with each match involving two wwe female superstars. Feedback is welcomed including what you guys would like to see included in these encounters as I still have some matches to edit. Apologies for any spelling or grammatical errors but these should hopefully be very rare.

The winner of the tournament will not only avoid the humiliation of losing a stinkface match, but the ultimate winner will be crowned the WWE Humiliation Champion. All of these matches are NO DQ and participants have to hold their opponents in a stinkface for 5 straight seconds to win and advance. There may be some more appearing throughout aswell!

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Match Attires - PaigeZelina Vega. The referee announces the beginning of the match and both the competitors make their entrances, with Zelina out first. Vega had a look of nervousness on her face, she loved humiliating others but was fearful of the fact that she could end up bring humiliated. Paige is out next to a huge ovation. Paige had gained a little weight in all the right places since her last match and her shorts were struggling to keep everything contained with her ass cheeks poking out the bottom. Zelina then pushes Paige into the ring steps. Vega picks up the anti-diva and bends her over the ring steps giving Paige's ass a quick slap before looking under the ring and pulling out a kendo stick.

Vega walks over to Paige with a devious look on her face.

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Zelina repeats this another 10 times with Paige yelping at each swing. She then proceeds to put the kendo stick down and throw Paige back in the ring who is holding her ass in pain.

However, before Zelina re-enters the ring she turns to a disabled fan loudly booing her and proceeds to steal the crutch right from the fans hands and brings it into the ring. Zelina places the crutch down and mounts Paige who is lying on her back. Zelina jiggles them back and forth in her hands before saying. She then grabs a lifeless Paige and drags her into the corner. Zelina backs up slowly facing the opposite corner.

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Paige regains some life just in time and has to think fast. She sees the crutch that Zelina brought into the ring and pointed the bottom end towards her opponent. Zelina continued to back up and the thin end of the crutch got embedded within her two luscious cheeks which triggered her to scream and jump forward grabbing her ass. Paige had to pull he crutch slightly to withdraw it from the Latinas ass and proceeded to hit Vega in the gut bringing her down to her hands and knees. She was going so fast no one could keep count until the crutch was bent to a right angle.

Vega rolled around in pain clutching her ass. Paige knew it was time to end things and brought Zelina over to the bottom turnbuckle ready to end the match.

Paige stopped and looked down annoyingly at her defeated adversary. Paige rolled Zelina on her stomach and exited the ring. She stood behind the ring post and grabbed both feet of Zelina placing them either side of the post. Vega turned to see what was about to happen and a look of horror covered her face, she began to try and wriggle away making her ass jiggle. Here is your winner and therefore advancing to the Quarter Finals, Paige!

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Paige exited the ring leaving a tearful Zelina gasping for air in the ring as she had been left defeated and humbled. Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned for match 2! Found the internet!

Posted by 2 years ago. Hope you enjoy and with that let the tournament commence! The bell rings and both women square up to one another. Sort by: best.

I love it, this could be fun. Reply Share.

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For those that have a fetish for the humiliation aspect of women's professional wrestling. Hairpulling, spanking, trash talk, stripping, etc. Feel free to do fanfics as well but nothing non-con if you're going to go more lewd with it. Created May 26, Top posts april 26th Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top.