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Xena and gabrielle fanfiction first time

This story contains the expression of love between tw women. If any of these concepts offends you, don't read any further.

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Because You Loved Me. A small look into the future of Xena and Gabrielle, that will bring a tear to your eye Best Friend. A first time story, in which our favorite warrior and bard admit their love for each other The Bubble Bath.

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By: Candace Chellew cchellew hotmail. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this fan fiction. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author. This story cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copies of this story may be made for private use only and must include all disclaimers and copyright notices.

These may not be republished without the author's consent. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story. Her hips were thrusting in the air.

Writhing uncontrollably on the bedroll, Gabrielle looked down her body in horror. All she could see was the top of the warrior's head. Long black hair flowing between the bard's legs. Xena was clamped there, sucking furiously. She's making this impossible.

Gabrielle could not take the assault anymore. She raised up from the bedroll, and smacked Xena across the head -- hard. The blow sent the warrior reeling. Xena recovered her balance, raised to her knees and towered over her small, crying friend. She spat violently across the bard's body. Now be still! They had been sound asleep when the snake made its way into their bedroll, and up Gabrielle's leg. Before she could react, it had bitten her on the inner thigh, only inches from her crotch. Xena was tending to the wound but her friend's violent protests were making the job hard.

Xena returned to the wound to suck the last bit of poison out.

Gabrielle decided being still might save her life in more ways than one. Biting her lip, she let Xena finish. Lying exhausted by the campfire, Gabrielle waited for Xena to finish dressing the wound.

She watched and reflected on the past few minutes as the warrior gently salved the bite, and wrapped the cloth around her leg. Xena knew she had been bitten even before the bard realized it. Gods, she was quick! Xena was on Gabrielle in a flash when she screamed from the pain and shock of the bite. Neither the snake, nor Gabrielle, had stood a chance.

She trailed off, dropping her eyes from the piercing blue ones staring across at her. Thinking fast she recovered, "I didn't even realize I was bitten until I saw you kill the snake. By that time you were already sucking the wound. It just happened too fast.

Xena felt the tension release from her shoulders.

Nothing you wouldn't do for me if it happened the other way around. It's a few more hours until sunrise. We'll head there and find a healer to make sure you're all right. With Gabrielle safely atop Argo, they headed toward the town. Images of the night before danced in Xena's mind.

She heard the scream, felt her friend jump in pain and terror. She had seen the snake, latched tightly to Gabrielle. Xena felt herself in slow motion, pulling the snake away and crushing its head with her bare hands. She assessed the wound in an instant. Pulling her dagger from between her breasts she had cut from bite mark to bite mark and began to suck violently. Gods, her leg is so soft. What an odd thing to think of at a time like this.

A sharp blow to the head interrupted that thought. She hit the ground on the other side of Gabrielle. Zeus, that woman is strong. Only two years and she can already put me on my butt. She had heard Gabrielle's screams, but never expected such a blow. What was that other part? What was that stray thought that made Xena return to this scene?

Certainly, she was concerned for her friend's safety. She'd do anything for Gabrielle. But she had saved Gabrielle's life before, and never felt the need to mentally go over the details afterward. She handed the reins to the bard without looking at her and stomped off the road into the woods.

What in Tartarus has gotten into me? Why am I thinking about this? What exactly am I thinking about? Gods, Xena, you know what you're thinking about. You've thought about it so long it's become a part of you.

Xena looked closely at her tanned, muscled forearm. It's like my arm, she thought. I'm not conscious of it all the time, but there it is, with me every moment. Just like my thoughts about Gabrielle Her mind snapped shut.

She forced the past night's events from her mind. Snap out of it, Xena, and get your friend to that town. After she took a few minutes to compose herself, Xena returned. She looked at Gabrielle for the first time since they had left camp, and her heart raced.

She was pale and leaned over Argo's neck to keep herself from falling to the ground. She pulled herself onto Argo behind Gabrielle. By the time they reached town, Gabrielle was unconscious.

Xena supported her full weight, and kept her from slipping off Argo. She came into town at full speed, and frantically called out for directions to the healer's hut. He led Argo a short distance down the road to the healer's home. Xena gently lifted Gabrielle down from Argo into the arms of the healer's son, who rushed her into the hut.

The ire in the ice blue eyes of the warrior grew, and the healer knew he had to act quickly. My son can get you some port or tea to help you while you wait.

Please, time is of the essence now. Xena's rage halted.