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Xena and gabrielle love stories

Xena: Warrior Princess featured a budding romantic relationship between Xena and her companion Gabrielle, but the show never officially made them a couple due to network politics and character dynamics.

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Another Way. Seasonal Passion series:. Closer than blood bonds.

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After Xena told Gabrielle that their friendship binds them closer than blood, the two women settle by a campfire for the night while mulling over the nature of their budding relationship… for story. Circle in the sand. After making their way back to shore, Xena and Gabrielle decide to spend a peaceful and romantic day on a sunny beach. At some point, both women come to discuss the reasons why they are and remain together as well as the importance of their love for each other, in spite of their past ephemeral attractions to other people. for story. What matters most.

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After Gabrielle chose to keep her memories, a particularly painful one soon comes to haunt her again unexpectedly, in her sleep. After Xena wakes the bard up from a nightmare twice in the same night, the Warrior Princess realises that she might have to deal with the fact that her younger lover is probably subconsciously traumatised by a particular past event… for story.

Love plans. After a few arguments and frustrations between the two lovers, Xena proposes that she and Gabrielle go on a little afternoon trip to Athens.

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Once there, they soon run out of money at the City Market. They find an astute way to make more dinars.

The Warrior Princess also needs to figure out some plans to rekindle the intimacy of her romantic relationship with the bard… for story. To you I belong.

Sapphic night fever. Knowing where the Warrior Princess and the battling bard are going, a group of evil thugs decide they will attempt to infiltrate that Sapphic party.

However, the Amazons are more than happy to support Xena and Gabrielle, whom they admire as a now legendary Greek Sapphic couple. Wanting to read my stories on e-books or print them to read offline? Please click on the e-book links below that were kindly converted by Rio from the Xena Library into.

Gabrielle, xena, and their wlw legacy 25 years later

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Gabrielle, xena, and their wlw legacy 25 years later

Notify me of new comments via. She also tries to carry on with her own life and to find a way to live as the new warrior princess.

One day, she needs a vacation from her Amazon Queen activities and decides to go spend it in the temple of her close friend, Aphrodite. Gabrielle spends some peaceful and wonderful time with the Goddess of Love, until one afternoon when the bard has to fight some attackers in the woods as she was on her way to get food.

Will Gabrielle help bring Xena back into the world of the living if that means Ares might steal her soulmate away from her? Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading required Address never made public. Name required.