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Zoes 1st gloryhole visit

Feel bad for this mature. She obviously will do anything for this dude and clearly worships cock. But what she really wants is to have him slip it into her and get laid.

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The gloryhole may be dark, but Zoe Sparx is going to light it up this week with her electric energy. She is a tall drink of water too at just under 5'10". It may come as no surprise that Zoe was a mainstream runway model before deciding to have a little more fun and go into porn. She says the people she has worked with in the adult industry are way more genuine and friendly than the ones she had to deal with in fashion. We've heard this before.

How old am I: 28
My gender: Girl
What is the color of my hair: Strawberry-blond
What is my body type: My figure features is quite slender
I prefer to drink: I prefer to drink rum
Stud: I don't have piercings
I like tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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Gloryholeswallow / zoe's 1st gloryhole visit

Mobile Night Register. Remember Me? What's New? Thread: Glory Hole Blowjob Vids. Advanced Search. The small town girls like to get a taste of big city life and theses two got a big taste of cum at the Gloryhole. The sub girls are the best to take to the Gloryhole because they will do whatever me or any other guy wants them to do. Once of the guys that works there always like to take a crack at the girls and this time he got first dibs which was good because he got her warmed up for the lunch crowd and got to experience every hole.

She hadn't been fucked in the ass in awhile and really enjoyed his cock.

You don't see girls having orgasms too often from anal alone but Vicki had a good one. She also got her first taste of black cock, several times! All of my videos.


Reply With Quote. Vinyl has a master and is sub to him but she likes to dominate other guys and girls. In the fetish world they call people like her a "switch". I get the impression that she's more sub than she lets on. During the interview she talks about her sex life with her master and tells us how she likes rough sex including being slapped hard in the face.

Gloryhole swallow zoe

She's quiet and reserved but enjoys having her mouth, pussy and ass used as a sperm bank. This girl is into some freaky stuff.

Standing at 5' 8", she's built to be rode hard and put away wet, kind of like the gimp on Pulp Fiction. She has a relentless blowjob technique and latches right onto each cock like she's mad at it. Those of you who enjoy the "no-hands" sucking technique will enjoy watching Vinyl in action. She was managing the lo nicely until the "Load Master" showed up to make a huge deposit.

She's very disciplined and tried not to show us that "Holy Crap" face but you can see her expression change as he poured a monster load into her mouth. She hunkered down on it like the good slave she is.


I wanted to take her into the Theater Room and have some guys strap her down to the "Fucking Bench" but she has to clear that with her master first. Maybe next time. Violet is almost the complete opposite of Eden and really felt at ease in the booth sucking off strangers. I was actually really surprised how comfortable she was and knew right away she's a natural at sucking cocks. I wanted each girl to have their own Gloryhole visits before teaming them up to service cocks together which was another great one that you guys will enjoy shortly.

Violet was motoring right along swallowing every load that was fed to her until monster load showed up and dumped a gallon of cum down her throat.

She had that "Holy Fuck" look on her face as his continuous flow of jizz filled her mouth. One thick rope hit the back of her throat which turned into a cum volcano but she hung with it like a real trooper and got it all down with a smile. The guy was having trouble getting off while wearing a condom so she made sure he was satisfied by letting him fuck her bareback for a nice creampie finish.

The force is strong in this one!

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The girls that see my site get the basic concept but reality doesn't set in until they actually arrive at the bookstore and see random guys lining up in the halls to dump their lo down someone's throat. Today was Wendy's turn to be the cum collector and she took some big lo. I knew the best thing would be to get a cock in her mouth as soon as possible to take her mind of the situation, I just wasn't expecting the first one to be her very first black cock.

She said she's only been with about guys in her life and she racked up another 11 today.

Gloryholeswallow / zoe's 1st gloryhole visit

Nice girl turned cum slut Yup, that's right, the local Adult Video Arcade so she can suck and fuck random strangers in the Gloryhole booth. Rare gems like her don't come along that often so I already took her for her second Gloryhole visit and now she wants more so give her a good star rating. If she gets a high rating then I'll let the pervs in the Theater Room pass her around to fuck all her holes. This chick is a great cock sucker so don't take your eyes off the monitor too long or you might miss a few blowjobs.

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She's a hot Latina currently going to college and studying for her PhD in the medical field. What is up with these nurses and medical students? They spend a tremendous amount of time studying but like to suck cocks as extracurricular activities. Swallowing cum on the other hand is something new for her so the Gloryhole is the perfect place to get that type of training.

Zoe's 1st visit

She was a little overwhelmed at first but like a good student she hunkered down to make the grade. She's also a ballet dancer but we weren't able to see her flexibility to the fullest in the confined Gloryhole booth but next time I take her we'll spend a little time in the Theater Room where she can show us her other talents. Latinas look amazing with a cock in their mouths and her mouth must have felt amazing because the guys were pumping lo down her throat within minutes.

This girl is a freak and won't disappoint. Just wait until you hear how loud she gets while being fucked!

She was still pretty loud even when she tried muffling her moans with her hand. It's a good thing she lives in a house and not an apartment because 1st either have really pissed off neighbors or really happy ones. Among her talents, this 5'10" fit babe was easily able to suck and fuck at the same time in the Gloryhole booth. She's built for fucking and judging by her abs, I bet she can ride cock all night long. After the place started visit out, he decided to feed her another load and the funny part is, she didn't know it was him and was telling him how nice and big his dick was She explains why at the end zoe she did a post-interview.

I think I'm going to start doing more of those to summarize the experience. Now that she's comfortable in that environment, she wants to come back next week to tear the place up and spend gloryhole little time in the Theater Room and Swing Room. I'm sure I can arrange that The two played well together in the Theater Room where BJ showed off the other side of her oral skills eating ass and pussy! This was a great way to warm Zuri up for more cocks in the Gloryhole booth and put on a good show for the customers.

Zuri actually got more of a warm-up than she expected when she got impaled by Mr. You can't put a nail where a spike's been Posting Permissions. The time now is